5 Interesting Beauty Benefits of Honey

Often used as a weight loss tool, honey is also an excellent ingredient for your skin as well. It works as an effective skin moisturizer, disinfect, antiseptic, and antibacterial solution. Many people use honey regularly to look good as well as to promote good health.


Here are the five beauty benefits of honey:

Gives glowing complexion: Honey works as a natural cleanser which will help to exfoliate your skin to bring out a radiant and glowing complexion. It is also known to be one of the best moisturizers for your skin. To brighten and lighten your skin, mix three spoons of rose water with one forth cup of honey and apply it on your face for approximately 15 minutes. Wash it off later with cold water. Alternatively, you can use raw honey to wash your face once or twice a week to keep your skin soft and also blemish free.

Softens dry elbow: Scratchy and dry elbow can ruin your look. But not anymore as honey can be used to solve this problem. After you have washed and scrubbed on hands, rub some honey on the scratchy areas and leave for about half an hour before washing it off with lukewarm water. Then apply some hand cream in your hands. Do this once day to keep your dry and scratchy hands soft and supple.

Treats cracked lips: Honey has the power to moisturize and heal cracked lips due to its antibacterial powers. It not only treats dry lips and also helps to prevent infection from developing in cracked lips. Honey also restores lost moisture. To treat cracked lips, mix almond oil, beeswax, and honey to a consistency you prefer. Smear this mixture on your lips, leave for some time and then wash it off. This simple remedy will give your lips the benefits of sun protection and moisturizing coolness.

Conditions your hair: To enjoy healthier and shinier hair, nothing can be better than honey. Honey works as an emollient, which means it can be used as natural hair conditioner and moisturizer. Use of honey on hair will help to attract and retain water molecules which in turn will make your hair looking shinier and feeling softer. It is also full of enriching vitamins and minerals.  After you wash your hair, coat the ends with little bit honey. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing out. After your hair dries, you’ll find that your hair is less frizzy and extra conditioned.

Keeps the skin young: It is also known as a miracle to turn back the clock. Honey contains anti-inflammatory properties that delay the ageing process. So apply some honey before you go off to bed every night. Also to ease out fine lines and wrinkles, apply a paste of honey and milk or honey and curd on your skin. Keep it on for some time before you wash it off with lukewarm water.

Now as you are aware of the beauty benefits of honey, do not forget to include it in your daily skin care and hair care routine. Also you can opt for beauty products that contain honey as one of the main ingredients.

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