13 Everyday Habits That Cause Acne

Acne is an embarrassing and frustrating skin problem that can take a toll on the confidence level of an average person. It is a well known fact that hormones are the leading reason behind acne. But every time you cannot blame your hormones for acne breakouts. In fact there are some unconscious habits that might be giving you acne on regular basis.

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Here is a list of 13 such habits:

  1. Using chemical based makeup products: All makeup products are not good for all types of skin. Some products even have artificial color, lanolin, mineral oil, artificial fragrance and other chemicals that can irritate your skin and cause acne breakouts. Try to use herbal products that are made for your skin type.
  2. Skipping moisturizer: Irrespective of what type of skin you have, it needs an appropriate moisturizer. Without moisturizer it will be not possible to maintain the moisture level of your skin. This in turn can irritate your skin which can cause frequent breakouts of acne. Be gentle with your skin and keep it hydrated to prevent over-drying your skin.
  3. Use of cell phone: Whenever you are using a cell phone, you are putting physical pressure on your face. This kind of pressure not only exposes your skin to loads of bacteria, but the actual force that the bacteria apply against your face can cause acne breakouts.
  4. Too much stress: When you are in stress there is an increase of the hormones in the body that causes acne. So, take steps to reduce stress and try to do things that can help you relax and minimize the drama.
  5. Dirty clothes: Using dirty clothes and especially bed linen, sheets and pillows can be the actual reason behind your acne. Dirty clothes can be the breeding ground of bacteria. Always use clean towels and clothes for your skin. Also try to change your pillowcase and bed sheets once or twice a week. Plus, try to use detergents and fabric softeners that contain less chemical products.
  6. Wrong hair products: Even usage of wrong hair products can cause acne. Remember hair often touches your face and this way the chemicals present in the hair care products get in contact with your skin. Unless you are washing your hair every night before bed try to keep your hair tied. Also try to use herbal hair care products.
  7. Using dirty makeup applicators: If you lover to wear makeup, then you need to make efforts to keep the brushes, sponges, and other applicators you use to apply your makeup clean. Makeup tools are crawling with bacteria and dead skin cells, and thus they can cause acne. Remember to only use a makeup sponge once and clean your brushes once a week with a brush cleanser or shampoo.
  8. Fast foods: Consumption of fast foods on daily basis can actually give you acne. Fast foods contain high amount of fat, sugar and white flour that will mess with your body and can cause acne. Overall unhealthy diet affects your skin. Try to eat these foods only on occasion.
  9. Wearing the wrong clothes: Clothes made of fabrics like polyester and lycra can trap dead skin cells and sweat against your body. This in turn can various skin problems including acne. Choose clothes with natural fibers (think cotton and bamboo) that breathe so your skin doesn’t suffocate.
  10. Excessive smoking: According to a research done at the San Gallicano Dermatological Institute in Rome, it was found that non-inflammatory acne (NIA) is very common among frequent smokers. It was also identified that smokers who had experienced acne in their teen years were four times more likely to have acne as an adult than non-smokers who also had acne in their teens.
  11. Spraying perfume: Use of perfumes over the skin can cause skin irritation as well as acne. Make sure to avoid your face when spraying perfume. An easy way to do this is to spray perfume on your wrists, then rub them against your neck to spread the fragrance. Also steer clear of bath and shower products with added fragrance.
  12. Not removing makeup at night: Going to bed at night without washing and treating your face can be one of the main reasons behind acne breakouts. Every night you should be using a rinse-off cleanser, a hydrating toner or light moisturizer, and then only go for bed.
  13. Tanning: Exposure to sun dries out your skin and cause tanning. Spending too much time under the sun can make your skin produce more oil. Also, tanning causes your skin to increase cell production which will give you more acne breakouts. Not to mention an increased risk of cancer and pre mature aging signs.

So, next time when you have acne on your face, do not blame your hormones. Instead keep a look on your daily habits and try to rectify them.

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