Amazing Beauty Benefits of Milk

Milk is important for your overall health. It is rich in calcium along with other essential nutrients. It contains protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Due to all these nutrients often health experts recommend us to drink milk on a daily basis.

Milk beauty benefits

Milk is good for health. You can know about the health benefits of milk at, and Along with health, milk has many beauty benefits too.

Take a look at the beauty benefits of milk.

Face Cleanser: In case you do not like to use a chemical based makeup remover or you have run out of makeup remover, then you can always use milk. Soak a cotton ball in milk and use it like your regular cleanser to get rid of the dirt and grime accumulated on your skin. Milk will clean your skin within minutes.

Moisturizer: Along with being a good facial cleanser, milk is also a good natural moisturizer for your skin. Instead of your regular bottle of moisturizer you can use milk to keep your skin well moisturized. Apply raw milk on your face with the help of a cotton ball and leave it on for five to 10 minutes. Rinse with water for soft, fresh skin.

Bleach: In case you need to bleach your skin or lighten your complexion, milk is really helpful. Take two tablespoon milk and add one tablespoon lemon juice to it and mix well. Apply this mixture immediately on your face, leave it for five minutes and then rinse off with warm water. The goodness of milk and lemon will improve the complexion of your skin.

De-tanning: Sun tanned skin does not look good at all. So, if you have sun tanned skin, you can get rid of it using milk. Take two tablespoon of gram flour and add enough milk to it to make a thick paste. Apply the paste all over the tanned area, leave it to dry on its own and then rinse off with warm water. Use it for four to five days regularly to get the desired result.

Removes Fine Lines: Fines lines are one of the first signs of aging. In case you have started noticing fine lines, start your treatment with milk. Mash half a banana, add a few teaspoons of raw milk, and mix properly to make a paste. Rinse your face and apply this paste on the damp skin. Wash it off in five minutes. Follow this treatment on a regular basis and soon you will notice reduced fine lines on your face.

Soothes Damaged Skin: Dry and damaged skin look lifeless. Now you can bring back life to your lifeless skin with milk. Take a little bit of cold milk and apply it on the affected area with the help of a cotton ball. It will soothe the burning sensation and heal the skin. You can even use freshly made buttermilk instead of milk.

Homemade Face Mask: You can make your own face masks at home using milk. One of the most effective ones is the almond mask. Take a few almonds and soak them overnight in raw milk. Grind them in the morning and apply it on your face. Let it remain on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Your skin will look fresh, soft and hydrated.

Conditioner: Not just skin, milk is excellent for your damaged hair too. Milk provides nourishment to your damaged hair from both inside and out. Take a little amount of milk on a bowl and apply it on your hair and scalp like you apply oil. Allow it to sit for ten minutes and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. There is no need to apply a conditioner. If this hair treatment is done twice a week you will be blessed with soft and bouncy hair.

Next time whenever you are asked to drink a glass full of milk, do not say no. Try to drink one to two glasses of low fat milk daily to enjoy optimum health and to get gorgeous skin and hair.

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