How to Get Rid of Crow’s Feet

Though you may have seen crow many times, but have you ever looked at its foot?
Possibly crow’s feet condition in which small lines start appearing around your eye has got its name from many-toed crow.

This undesirable trait may start at the outer corner of your eye, would deepen and expand as you become older making you look distressed. Naturally, you would like to get rid of these wrinkles which may also appear on other regions of your face, such as cheeks and forehead after some time. Dermatologists have suggested a number of techniques by which you can prevent the formation of crow’s feet. But before that it will be useful to know about their types.

Your skin may be affected by two types of crow’s feet. In dynamic lines crow’s feet formation, lines are produced by the actions of underlying muscles. In this case, your activities like frowning, smiling and squinting may activate them.

Static facial lines are present on your face at all times, even when you sleep. These lines may be there on your skin due to a long history of frowning, squinting and sun damage.
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Tips for Beautiful Feet This Summer

Warm and sunny days are here. It’s time to wear shorts, pretty skirts, short dresses and also pretty, strappy sandals or flip-flops. But before you take out your strappy and open-toed sandals or flip-flips, it is very essential to have a quick look at your feet. While well groomed feet will enhance your look, sun tanned and dry feet will not do any good to your overall look.

Foot care

This summer for a fresh and cool look, you need to take proper care of your feet. Well, the task is not a hard one. Spend some time daily to take care of your feet and you will be able to wear your summer footwear with extra confidence. [Read more…]

This Summer Forget about Summer Skin Woes!

Summer is a time to relax on the beach or beside a big swimming pool, or to enjoy a long walk in an open parl. It is true that for some fun outdoor activates, the warm sunny days of summer are the best. This is the time when you get to bond with your family members and friends.

Summer skin problems

Along with the fun, summer season has some drawbacks also. It brings with it many skin and hair issues. Some of the common problems that people suffer from are sun damage, insect bites, summer acne, fungal infections, heat rashes, scalp infections, dry hair and split ends. [Read more…]

DIY Lemon and Sugar Scrub for Your Skin

Be it any time of the year, you need to take good care of your skin. A proper skin care regimen is one that includes cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing. Well, washing the face properly and applying some moisturizer are something that most people do. Well, the neglected part is exfoliating or scrubbing.

It is very important to scrub your face as well as your elbows, feet, knees and hands at least once a week to enjoy soft and smooth skin. There are many exfoliating products available in the market. This makes one confuse as which one to choose and which one to avoid.

If you do not rely on cosmetic products, then it is better to opt for a homemade scrub. With simple kitchen ingredients you can make an excellent face and body scrub at home.

Face scrub

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How to Use Papaya in Your Beauty Regimen

The Italian voyager, Christopher Columbus referred papaya as the ‘fruit of the angels’. Regular use of this fruit in your beauty regimen will help you to become an angel.

Papaya is an amazingly delicious fruit which is highly nutritious and extremely good for your skin, hair and your overall health. Papaya is a fantastic source of antioxidant nutrients like vitamin C, carotenes and flavonoids. Plus, it contains a good amount of folic acid, vitamins E and A, potassium, and dietary fiber. 


Due to its nutritional value, papaya is often used in many cosmetic and hair products.

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Top Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer is here and before you start wearing more shorts and tank tops, you need to prepare your skin for the summer days. Skin woes increase faster than the temperature, but you can prevent it with the help of a proper skin care regimen. 

Sun damaged skin

There are many simple things that you can include in your daily skin care routine. These tips will prepare your skin for the summer season and at the same time make you look radiant as ever. [Read more…]

Is It Possible To Treat Vitiligo at Home?

Vitiligo is a kind of skin problem where white patches appear on different parts of the body. This kind of skin disorder is mainly due to the fact that the cells that make pigment in the skin are not working properly. Some of the common areas having white patches are hands, feet, arms, around the mouth, face, lips, armpits, eyes, groin, nostrils, navel and genitals.

About 0.5 to 1 percent of the world’s population, or as many as 65 million people, have vitiligo. In the US only, about two million people suffer from vitiligo. This skin disorder affects people belonging to all races and both sexes equally. It has been found that people suffering from hyperthyroidism are more likely to suffer from vitiligo.

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Smart Ways to Use Egg Whites in Your Beauty Regimen

Egg is one such item in the kitchen that we use every day. Egg is a healthy option for breakfast, but egg can even be used in beauty care. Especially egg white is good both for your skin and hair. So, if you do not consume the egg white do not throw it. There are many uses of egg whites that will help you keep your skin and hair healthy.

Egg white

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13 Everyday Habits That Cause Acne

Acne is an embarrassing and frustrating skin problem that can take a toll on the confidence level of an average person. It is a well known fact that hormones are the leading reason behind acne. But every time you cannot blame your hormones for acne breakouts. In fact there are some unconscious habits that might be giving you acne on regular basis.

Mobile phone usage

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Treat Six Different Foot Problems with Vinegar

Vinegar is a very common ingredient used at home for different health purposes. It is used to treat aches, pain, controlling blood glucose, weight loss and many other medical conditions. When it comes to taking care of your feet, the acidic nature of vinegar is used to treat different foot problems like athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, dry, cracked heels, foot odor, and so on.

Vinegar food soaks

There are different types of vinegar that you can use to prepare foot soaks at home. Some of the commonly used are white distilled vinegar, apple cider vinegar, organic vinegar or flavor-infused vinegar. 

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