How to Get Rid of Crow’s Feet

Though you may have seen crow many times, but have you ever looked at its foot?
Possibly crow’s feet condition in which small lines start appearing around your eye has got its name from many-toed crow.

This undesirable trait may start at the outer corner of your eye, would deepen and expand as you become older making you look distressed. Naturally, you would like to get rid of these wrinkles which may also appear on other regions of your face, such as cheeks and forehead after some time. Dermatologists have suggested a number of techniques by which you can prevent the formation of crow’s feet. But before that it will be useful to know about their types.

Your skin may be affected by two types of crow’s feet. In dynamic lines crow’s feet formation, lines are produced by the actions of underlying muscles. In this case, your activities like frowning, smiling and squinting may activate them.

Static facial lines are present on your face at all times, even when you sleep. These lines may be there on your skin due to a long history of frowning, squinting and sun damage.
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